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2.5W A3 Laser Engraver / Cutter From Banggood – Unboxing And First Look

By ChunkySteveo,

First in hopefully a series of blogs where I get to unbox, build, test, play and learn with a new toy I got for Christmas from my better half – a 2.5W A3 laser engraver and cutter from Banggood in China! Link to the laser can be found below: 2.5W A3 Laser Engraver / Cutter  … Read more

AliExpress Postbag #08 – Post bag opening of electrical items from AliExpress

By ChunkySteveo,

Number eight of my postbag opening series from AliExpress (http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/u33jIyR). I get a lot of stuff from China – AliExpress, Banggood etc and wanted to video the “un-boxing” of the parts and a little intro to some projects I may or may not be working on in the future. (Excuse the sniffing, I had a  … Read more

P3Steel Build Log (#13) – Print Bed Silicone Dampeners

By ChunkySteveo,

To support the print bed from the y-axis and the bed frame Prusa 3D printers use bolts, washers and nuts on each corner with a spring for tension. Toolson’s edition of the P3Steel does away with these springs and opts for a novel (genius) solution of using silicone dampeners.

P3Steel Build Log (#12) – RAMPS and Arduino Mega (aka The Brain!)

By ChunkySteveo,

For this printer I will be using the standard and simple setup of an Arduino Mega and a RAMPS 1.4 board. The Arduino Mega is the brains of the printer and will process all the g-code instructions from the .gcode files from either an SD card or over USB and tell the printer how to move, heat up, extrude filament etc by signalling all the motors, heaters and sensors on the printer which are connected via the RAMPS board, which in turn is connected to the Arduino Mega via the GPIO pins.

3D Printing Time Lapse – Mount Saint Helens – Thingiverse

By ChunkySteveo,

New 3D printing time lapse test using my P3Steel. Still yet to install Octoprint or a webcam, so have been testing with taking time lapse sequences on my old Canon Powershot A570 and a custom firmware from CHDK. This was for my eldest daughter who is in high school for her Geography class.

P3Steel Build Log (#10) – Z-Axis

By ChunkySteveo,

Following on from the x-axis build – I skimmed over the last part, just “installing with the z-axis rods and threaded M5 screw”. This post helps to expand on this part, installing the x-axis and carriage onto the printer with the installation of the z-axis smooth 8mm rods and the z-axis screw – which for this build is the standard M5 threaded rod. Read on!