Month: June 2016

3D Printing Time Lapse – Ball-joint Articulated Octopus Keyring REMIX

  |   By  |  0 Comments A neat little model to print and make from Thingiverse. I want to print the original full size Articulated Octopus, but for now I found this remix which is a keyring....

3D Printing Time Lapse – Raspberry Pi Zero Case + v1.3 REMIX

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I was in need of a case for my Raspberry Pi Zero so looked around on Thingiverse for a suitable one. I wanted a simple case with no mechanical fasteners, just something to protect it and have easy “snap on” parts. I went with the model by cfunseth on Thingiverse, but soon realised it wouldn’t fit the new v1.3 version of the Pi Zero.

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P3Steel Build Log (#05) – Frame Feet

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The steel frame of the P3Steel could easily scratch up any surface it sits on, and vibrations and movement may be translated down through it’s legs. I am building the printer on...

P3Steel Build Log (#04) – Y-Axis Motor And Idler

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Y-Axis Motor Part of the frame assembly (or just after) is to fasten the y-axis motor mount and belt idler. They sit either side of each other at the two ends of...

Images From Thingiverse End Up on AliExpress?!

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Over the weekend (18/19th June 2016) while browsing through AliExpress for my usual random electrical stuff which will inevitably get put in a draw for “future use” I came across two new listings...

P3Steel Build Log (#03) – Main Frame Assembly

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With the frame painted and dry, first thing to do is bolt together the main structure. It slots together like a jigsaw and there was absolutely no issues or problems in this process....

P3Steel Build Log (#02) – Preparing and Painting the Frame

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The steel needs to be protected from the elements before it starts to rust – even if kept indoors the moisture from the air will begin to rust it. Because of this...

P3Steel Build Log (#01) – The Laser Cut Frame

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This is the start of my build log of the Prusa i3 P3Steel, and the start to most of these kits – you need something to screw and bolt everything else to...

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