3D Printing Time Lapse – Makerbot T-REX SKELETON

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Time lapse of 3D printed Makerbot T-REX SKELETON from Thingiverse. Time lapse taken from my Raspberry Pi Octoprint Octopi server attached to my Printrbot Simple Makers 1405 using the standard Raspberry Pi camera and a wide angle clip on lens.

Original model is by MakerBot and can be found here – http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:275091.

My make can be found here – http://www.thingiverse.com/make:225340

This was a very cool print, and a long one at that! The model from MakerBot is perfect, and ideally set up for 3D printing. After one test at 0.1mm layer height I went for standard 0.2mm (0.2064mm for Printrbot imperial screw). All prints came out perfectly first time – hats off to the model designers who have rotated and optimised each part.

Most parts were printed with 0.8mm perimeter and a mix of 15-50% infill, depending on the part being printed. Where I could I combined multiple parts into one print job. The only part that didn’t fit on my small PrintrBot Simple 1405 was the Hip Top in it’s vertical position. With some rotation and supports I was able to print it fine and at 100% scale. The Hip Top is probably the biggest part, so if you need to check if it will fit your printer, use that part to scale up/down.

Missing parts in the time lapse include the skull and hip top. Not sure where those vids go to, but you get the general idea!

After all parts were printed I cleaned them up and removed any brim flash and started the assemble. The peg and hole system worked well, but be prepared to make a few minor adjustments to make it all fit snug – a file here.. a sand there!

Future plan is to super glue it all, fill in any minor gaps with filler and then prime and paint it to be more “fossil like”.

Some Print Settings Below:
Filament: Printed using 3D Prima 1.75 PLA – White
Filament used: 111.356m 324g
Layer Height: 0.2064mm
Temperature: 210Β°C
Perimeters: 2 at 0.4mm (0.8mm total)
Infill: 15-50%
Raft: Some parts
Support: Some parts
Brim: Yes, most parts
Speed: 20mm/s
Time: About 57 hours(!)
STL Scale: 100%

IMG_6937 IMG_6938 IMG_6939 IMG_6940 IMG_6941 IMG_6942

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