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New 3D printing time lapse test using my new Prusa P3Steel DIY build (Toolson Edition). Still yet to install an Octoprint server or webcam, so have been testing with taking time lapse sequences on my old Canon Powershot A570 and a custom firmware from CHDK. Want to get better printing time lapses and the built in webcam feed from Octoprint never seemed to be perfect. Just need to get a power cable to my camera, as the 2xAA batteries soon get eaten up, even with the screen off.

This was for my eldest daughter who is in high school for her Geography class. They are learning about contours on maps and what they mean. So the purpose of this model was to print it at “draft” quality with large 0.3mm layers to highlight the gradient changes and how they show altitude changes. Think it worked out great. A great little model (I printed the 50% Z expansion STL to show off height changes more) and it turned out perfect!

Still calibrating my P3Steel Toolson Edition 3D printer, but sick of printing test cubes and calibration objects. Best to calibrate as we go, on the fly! The end result turned out great, just a few artefacts from vibration I think. Learned that my bottom layer needed more flow to stick to the bed. But the “extrudr” PETG prints great through the E3Dv6 hotend – you can get it from Amazon here http://amzn.to/2dIs34C! I may do a review on this filament in the future, the “extrudr” brand seems quite new with little user feedback.

Original model is by WyattChurch1 and can be found here – http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1284819.

My make can be found here – http://www.thingiverse.com/make:259014.

Print Settings Below:
Printer: Prusa P3Steel DIY
Filament: extrudr 1.75 PETG – Grey (http://amzn.to/2dIs34C)
Filament used: 28.193m 84.0g
Layer Height: 0.3mm
Temperature Ext: 240°C
Temperature Bed: 75°C
Perimeters: 2 at 0.4mm (0.8mm total)
Top/Bottom layer: 1.2mm
Infill: 5%
Raft: No
Brim: No
Support: None
Speed: 40mm/s
Time: About 5 hours 42 minutes
Scale: 100%


8 comments on “3D Printing Time Lapse – Mount Saint Helens – Thingiverse

  1. Looks awesome! Are you sharing the model?

  2. Hello!

    Impressive results i’ve got to say! Looks like it’s working well 🙂

    So, I guess your happy with your P3steel then? What about the calibration, was it easy? Any comment about the printer?


    • Hey Matthieu,

      I’m still in the process of calibration and tinkering with the P3Steel. I’m happy with it, but not 100% about it yet… I think with a DIY build you’ve not got something to fall back on a know that “it’s right”. The first print without any config was amazing, but I am being super critical and trying to eliminate all vibrations, wobble, banding, artefacts etc while trying to increase speed as much as possible. I think with a heavy steel bed the P3Steel is ultimately limited in speed in the Y direction. My next build will probably be an Ultimaker or CoreXY style printer where the bed does not move and you can ramp up the speeds.

      Got sick of printing calibration cube after calibration cube, so now I am printing real world stuff and tweaking as I go. A 20mm cube can only tell you so much!!


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