Amazon Echo Dot V2 Wall/Ceiling Mount – 3D Printed

Brilliant original design by halcyon can be found here – I have had a lot of people ask for this to be printed on 3D Hubs and from their feedback I have updated it with some of my amends. These are as follows:

  • Added countersunk screw holes for mounting (I did ask halcyon for this and he updated his design, but I went for a more traditional UK bevel screw).
  • Moved the mount holes to line up with the USB/Audio holes – assuming cabled will run downwards/upwards from Echo Dot and gives a more secure mount if mounting into a wooden stud.
  • Added contoured sloped grooves in base to deflect audio from speaker outwards (may/may not make any difference in sound?!!) and to reduce plastic filament.
  • Added arches to speaker holes to reduce plastic filament use and to help reduce amount of bridging needed. Also looks nice!
    Added support column in middle of USB/audio hole to help with bridging the gap. I found the bridged filament will naturally be a straight line, whereas the hole follows the curve of the mount, so I always had to clean out strings of filament which failed to bond. This halves the gap and there is no more clean up (for my setup). You can see it in the Cura image in the gallery below, and the before and after shots. Just snap it out when printed.

If you like this design – hats off to halcyon first for the cool and chunky design! It is still as tight as the original, I like that security. If you want it to be loose – just sand down the inside a little.

Get Me To Print This For You At 3D Hubs

The STL file for the model can be found here – Amazon Echo Dot V2 Wall/Ceiling Mount. If you use the little sidebar widget to order the part I get an extra little high five from 3D Hubs.

Order a 3D Print

Alternatively head directly to my Hub page at if you would prefer to use their website in full.


Print Settings Below:
Printer: P3Steel Toolson Edition
Filament: 1.75 PLA – Black (Amazon
Filament used: 12.31m 37.02g
Layer Height: 0.2mm
Temperature Ex1: 205°C
Temperature Bed: 65°C
Perimeters: 2 at 0.4mm (0.8mm total)
Infill: 20%
Raft: No
Brim: No
Support: None
Speed: 40mm/s
Time: About 3 hours 41 minutes
Scale: 100%

Some Images of the printed Amazon Echo Dot Wall Mount, in Black


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