P3Steel Build Log (#15) – Extruder and Mount

By ChunkySteveo,

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Not much to show here. But the TL;DR is this post shows a couple of videos and shots of the extruder and mount.

For this P3Steel I am going with a bowden setup, so need a bowden extruder. This extruder needs to be mounted away from the hotend, and mounted onto the frame somewhere. The 2.5 DXL frame does have a couple of custom cut extruder mounting holes which you can use if you like. I am not keen on the placement of those (on the triangular uprights) and have kept with the Toolson design to mount the extruder on the top frame.

You can go with a pre-built extruder made from Aluminium, or go ahead and print your own. That is what I did, and used the Compact Bowden Extruder by scarou on Thingiverse – http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:669459.

Check out the timelapse video below of the prints. I went with a MK8 driver gear version. All the parts needed for the extruder can be found on the page linked above.

Unfortunatley I did not capture any footage of the assembly, but there is a great guide on the original Thingiverse page including a video. Apologies for not documenting this part. But if you use the Thingiverse page, you should get something like the below (ignore the mount):


Extruder Mount

Once the extruder is printed and assembled we need to mount it to the frame. Toolson has come up with a very simple bracket that connects the base of the extruder to the frame of the P3Steel using two of the existing mounting M3 bolts. Watch the ever so simple bracket be created in the video below – don’t forget to checkout my YouTube channel and subscribe too, that would help me out a lot!

That’s the part printed. You will then need to insert some M3 nuts into their respective holes for the extruder to fasten to.


Then mount the mount (!) to the frame be removing two of the frame M3 bolts and replacing them with two slightly longer (about 20mm?) M3 bolts, as per the image below. The bolts should fasten back up to the M3 nyloc nuts in the frame as before, but secure the mount at the same time. That mount isn’t going anywhere!


Then simply secure the extruder assembly to the mount using two M3 bolts, tightening to the mount using the M3 nuts we inserted previously. We could have added the nuts now, but that would have been fiddly. Then that is it – you have a custom printed bowden extruder mounted on to the frame!

IMG_7143 IMG_7144


  Comments: 4

  1. More of a question: How have you found the bowden tube direction off the top mount to work for you since you have had some time to use it now?

    • Hi Neil,

      Thanks for the comment. I’ve never had any issues with the Bowden tube since installation. It’s a short tube at only about 30-40cm, and connected to the Extruder mount with a pneumatic connector which is screwed directly into the plastic. The fitter of the connector allow the tube to rotate as the hotend goes from min-max on the x-axis.

      Have you had any issues to bring this up? Happy to help here!



      • No issues. I’m applying upgrades to my Anet A8 and saw your mount. I was just wondering if it is what I want to use to mount my filament feed motor on.

        • Ahhh Gotcha! Well, the mount has been fantastic,with no issues. It is however designed specifically for the P3Steel as it has two mounting holes to fasten it to the frame – which line up with existing bolts and holes in the frame. I don’t think it would work for an Anet A8 – but the idea of the mount should work (if you design an amended bracket for your frame)?

          Let us know how you get on.


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