2.5W A3 Laser Engraver / Cutter From Banggood – Unboxing And First Look

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First in hopefully a series of blogs where I get to unbox, build, test, play and learn with a new toy I got for Christmas from my better half – a 2.5W A3 laser engraver and cutter from Banggood in China!

Link to the laser can be found below:

2.5W A3 Laser Engraver / Cutter From Banggood

A great little laser engraver – capable of engraving onto wood and cutting thin material such as paper, card, balsa, ply up to about 3mm. Lots to learn and even more geeky toys to fill up “cassa-del-chunky-steveo”!

The video below is just the intro and un-boxing of the laser to show you what is in the box when you get it. More blogs and videos to follow with the build, testing and actually cutting and engraving (hopefully!). Check out the images below after you have watched the video for some closer shots of the kit.

Remember – never ever “shoot the eye”!

Safety first with any laser project – protect your eyes. Bare minimum is to get a kit with included glasses, and then upgrade to better ones. Below are the included safety goggles – labelled as a gift, which seems wrong!

The whole kit laid out below. There’s not much to it really, and compared to building my 3D Printer, it should be quick and easy…right?!



  Comments: 6

  1. after installation without pro 00000AF6 blems, the laser works, and also the movement x and y with the manual controls, but if I try to send a text or an image the laser works but the carriages x and y do not move.

    • Hi arklayer, not sure on your setup or what could be wrong. I am still learning my laser, so a little unsure about where to assist. My best suggestion is to head over to http://benboxlaser.us/ and ask for assistance there – the forum has a lot of knowledge and may be able to assist better?



  2. Please note that the laser module should work less than half an hour in one time, and then continue to work after cooling down.

  3. Hello
    I need to get the Diy kit for the laser cutter and engraver.
    May you send me the supplier information in China?
    Best Regards

    • The link to the laser kit is in the first paragraph of the post – available on BangGood.


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