3D Printing Time Lapse – Colosseum

By chunkyadmin,

Time lapse of 3D printed Colosseum. Time lapse taken from my Octoprint server attached to my Printrbot Simple Makers 1405 using the standard Raspberry Pi camera and a wide angle clip on lens. Original model is by CausalJoemama7 is on Thingiverse by MakerBot and can be found here – http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:962416. My make can be found  … Read more

Review: Bob Books Photobook (A4 Landscape Photo Paper)

By ChunkySteveo,

After looking at numerous online photo book printers for a wedding album which I created for two clients of mine I decided on Bob Books, but the lack of solid user reviews with fully illustrated images to boot to help make my decision was an issue… so after using Bob Books I decided to write my own!

Photographing a wedding as a guest

By ChunkySteveo,

I was privileged to be invited to watch two of our friends get married, Claire and Jason Haines.  Despite being invited as guests, I simply cannot let a wedding go without bringing my camera and documenting the day from my point of view.  A lovely day was had, and both Claire and Jason looked fantastic.  After seeing my images they  … Read more

Maria and Gary’s Leyland Wedding

By ChunkySteveo,

On May 22nd 2010 I was given the honour of being official photographer for Maria and Gary Howarth, two friends of mine. This was my big break into full day wedding photography, and a bit of an experiment to see if this is where my skills lie… Gary and Maria put a lot of faith and trust with me after seeing my past portfolio, which included very little wedding work – but off the back of my portrait work, they were confident in my ability.

Welcome to my Blog, post #0001

By ChunkySteveo,

Hello World… it works! This is my blog, somewhere I can write down my rambling thoughts and highlight some cool links on the web.  Some posts will be interesting, others may not!  But here you will find me, talking about anything to do with me, my photography and the rest of the world. See you  … Read more