All This for Just a Quid!

Got this delivered to me the other day… it’s a spare/replacement Canon EOS body cap, which covers the gaping lens mount hole ? on your EOS (D)SLR when there is no lens attached, keeping out dust and fingers etc!

This is a knock off third party part from China from eBay, and cost the royal sum of 99p, with free delivery.? Which made me think… 99p for this, for it to be manufactured by some Chinese chap in an unknown factory in a China valley on some injection mould machine, stored somewhere till I clicked on the “buy” button on eBay.? Then packaged up in a plastic packet and small jiffy bag, then sent off in the China postal system, flown out of China and around 5000 miles? in a plane to the UK and then driven to my house by my local postie…

Quite remarkable really for only 99p!? I had to pay 65p for a KitKat Chunky the other day from my local garage… bet that didn’t have such an interesting journey!

After being amazed by this feat, and the cost of chocolate in UK petrol stations; I plan to chop this body cap up and drill a hole in the middle, a project to experiment in DSLR Pinhole photography.? Google this and a fuzzy world of interesting images will flood your screen.? More on this to follow after I do the work and experiment, so watch this space!

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