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P3Steel Build Log (#14) – Heated Bed / Build Plate

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When building a 3D printer, there are lots of options you can go with for a build platform, and whether to have it heated or not. I will not go into all of them, but simply state what I am going to use compared to Toolson’s designs.

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Amazon Echo Dot V2 Wall/Ceiling Mount – 3D Printed

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Brilliant original design of an Amazon Echo Dot V2 wall mount by halcyon on Thingiverse. I have had a lot of people ask for this to be printed on 3D Hubs and from their feedback I have updated it with some of my amends.

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P3Steel Build Log (#13) – Print Bed Silicone Dampeners

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To support the print bed from the y-axis and the bed frame Prusa 3D printers use bolts, washers and nuts on each corner with a spring for tension. Toolson’s edition of the P3Steel does away with these springs and opts for a novel (genius) solution of using silicone dampeners.

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P3Steel Build Log (#12) – RAMPS and Arduino Mega (aka The Brain!)

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For this printer I will be using the standard and simple setup of an Arduino Mega and a RAMPS 1.4 board. The Arduino Mega is the brains of the printer and will process all the g-code instructions from the .gcode files from either an SD card or over USB and tell the printer how to move, heat up, extrude filament etc by signalling all the motors, heaters and sensors on the printer which are connected via the RAMPS board, which in turn is connected to the Arduino Mega via the GPIO pins.

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P3Steel Build Log (#11) – Endstops / Limit Switches

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Now that all the axis are complete, we can install the endstop/limit switches. These are simply a switch which is triggered mechanically by one of the printers moving parts hitting it, be it the hotend, print bed etc.

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P3Steel Build Log (#10) – Z-Axis

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Following on from the x-axis build – I skimmed over the last part, just “installing with the z-axis rods and threaded M5 screw”. This post helps to expand on this part, installing...

P3Steel Build Log (#09) – X-Axis

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDmVfBL5LhE Parts Used For The X-Axis Below are the main components used in the x-axis assembly. These are the hotend carriage, stepper and idler z-axis supports, x-axis tension block, stepper motor and...

P3Steel Build Log (#08) – Y-axis Rod Stops

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When inserting the steel rods into their mounts on the y-axis it was apparent that the only securing force keeping the rods attached to the frame was the friction between the precision...

P3Steel Build Log (#07) – Y-Axis Carriage and Belt

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Y-Axis Carriage Now that the clamps are sorted it’s time to fit them to the blank y-carriage, as seen below. The 2.5 DXL frame uses four points to fasten bearings, some holes...

P3Steel Build Log (#05) – Frame Feet

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The steel frame of the P3Steel could easily scratch up any surface it sits on, and vibrations and movement may be translated down through it’s legs. I am building the printer on...

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