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3D Printing Time Lapse – Mount Saint Helens – Thingiverse

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New 3D printing time lapse test using my P3Steel. Still yet to install Octoprint or a webcam, so have been testing with taking time lapse sequences on my old Canon Powershot A570 and a custom firmware from CHDK. This was for my eldest daughter who is in high school for her Geography class.

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3D Printing Time Lapse – Ball-joint Articulated Octopus Keyring REMIX

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iO4zka3dz0 A neat little model to print and make from Thingiverse. I want to print the original full size Articulated Octopus, but for now I found this remix which is a keyring....

3D Printing Time Lapse – Raspberry Pi Zero Case + v1.3 REMIX

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I was in need of a case for my Raspberry Pi Zero so looked around on Thingiverse for a suitable one. I wanted a simple case with no mechanical fasteners, just something to protect it and have easy “snap on” parts. I went with the model by cfunseth on Thingiverse, but soon realised it wouldn’t fit the new v1.3 version of the Pi Zero.

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