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P3Steel Prusa i3 3d Printer Steel Frame P3Steel Build LogThis is for all posts to do with the main P3Steel build log for my Prusa i3 Steel 3d printer, aka the P3Steel. I am building a P3Steel 2.5 DXL frame version, with all plastic parts from the improved Toolson Edition which can be found on Thingiverse here.

P3Steel Build Log Start to Finish

The posts should all be numbered in chronological order, so if you want to follow along with the build – start with Build Log #01 and work your way up! Depending on when you read this, I may be finished with the build and the P3Steel build log, or I may be stuck! Updates will come as and when I get them written up, along with some good clear photographs and maybe even a YouTube video or two!? After the P3Steel build log is complete, any other news will be tagged with just P3Steel.

P3Steel Toolson MK2

I’m actually building the MK2 version of Toolson’s designs, which are NOT on Thingiverse, but can still be found from Lars via his personal blog – http://scheuten.me/?page_id=708. All credit for the plastic parts has to go to Lars, aka Toolson!

P3Steel Build Log (#21) – RAMPS 1.4 RRD Fan Extender – Controlling Extra Fans on Your 3D Printer

By ChunkySteveo,

So, this step is optional, and whether or not you want to be able to control all your fans on your printer or not. To do this we will install the RAMPS 1.4 RRD Fan Extender – read on! On this printer, we have hooked up a hotend cooling fan (NOT the part cooling fan) which  … Read more

P3Steel Build Log (#19) – Installing All Connections to RAMPS

By ChunkySteveo,

The RAMPS board is going to get very cramps, very quickly. It’s well designed and thought out in terms of layout, but as you add more and more connections to it, it’s going to get hidden beneath a nest of wires, connections, crimps and fans – say goodbye to your lovely clean clear red board!

P3Steel Build Log (#14) – Heated Bed / Build Plate

By ChunkySteveo,

When building a 3D printer, there are lots of options you can go with for a build platform, and whether to have it heated or not. I will not go into all of them, but simply state what I am going to use compared to Toolson’s designs.

P3Steel Build Log (#13) – Print Bed Silicone Dampeners

By ChunkySteveo,

To support the print bed from the y-axis and the bed frame Prusa 3D printers use bolts, washers and nuts on each corner with a spring for tension. Toolson’s edition of the P3Steel does away with these springs and opts for a novel (genius) solution of using silicone dampeners.

P3Steel Build Log (#12) – RAMPS and Arduino Mega (aka The Brain!)

By ChunkySteveo,

For this printer I will be using the standard and simple setup of an Arduino Mega and a RAMPS 1.4 board. The Arduino Mega is the brains of the printer and will process all the g-code instructions from the .gcode files from either an SD card or over USB and tell the printer how to move, heat up, extrude filament etc by signalling all the motors, heaters and sensors on the printer which are connected via the RAMPS board, which in turn is connected to the Arduino Mega via the GPIO pins.