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All things to do with Thingiverse. Check out my profile on there to see what i’ve been printing and making – http://www.thingiverse.com/chunkysteveo/about.

3D Printing Time Lapse – Gecko DeskPal Fridge Magnet Remix

By ChunkySteveo,

A remix of a great little Gecko model to be used as a fridge magnet. One of my kids loves putting things on the fridge, and loves my super strong neodymium magnets, and loves 3D printing, so I combined the lot in this remix! She even helped with the measuring of the magnet using my  … Read more

P3Steel Build Log (#08) – Y-axis Rod Stops

By chunkyadmin,

Either by fault of my own or tolerances in the steel rod or frame after successfully wiggling and inserting the rod, they did not fit snug and were not tight enough, This caused the rods to move as the print bed went back and forth. I did not want any possible movement in the rods, so investigated Thingiverse for a simple clip bracket to hold the rods in place at each end. A couple of minutes later and there was a simple little bracket design by user Hobsie which looked perfect and resolved the issue.