AliExpress Postbag #03 – Post bag opening of electrical items from AliExpress

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Number three of my postbag opening series from AliExpress ( ). I get a lot of stuff from China – AliExpress, Banggood etc and wanted to video the “un-boxing” of the parts and a little intro to some projects I may or may not be working on in the future. I will aim to put links to the parts shown below, and where possible they are affiliate links which help me to keep these videos going. I will get a little high five and a few pennies from any sale you may make from these links – thanks in advance guys!! Time links are listed below if you just want to skip to each item and don’t want to hear me waffle on about nothing!

12V/24V to 5V 3A DC-DC USB Buck Converter Step-down Module: AliExpress –

WS2812B Module Strip 24 Bits 24 X WS2812 5050 RGB LED Ring Lamp: AliExpress –

LED Shook His Stick Kit Flash The Word Stick Microcontroller for AT89S52: AliExpress –

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