Amazon Wish List Subscriber Purchase | ESP8266 Cheerlights API Example IOT (Internet of Things) LED

I got a subscriber who purchased some items from my Amazon Wish List. It’s my first purchase and very exciting! They purchased a few electronic items for me, and a few days later they showed up in the mail.

You can check out my Amazon Wish List here if you like – There’s no request to do this, or to purchase anything from it, but if you want to make my day, and help grow this channel – any purchase would be greatly received.

Items were a Digispark ATtiny85 development board, an ESP8266 12F board, and the cool item – an ESP8266 SMD adaptor (breadboard) board. This board only appears to be on Amazon at the moment, so if you want one – check out the links below!

With the ESP8266 and the adapter board I quickly soldered it up and put it to use as a useless yet fun Internet of Things (IoT) project which polls the “CheerLights” API and changes the colour of a Neopixel WS2812B 8mm diffused LED. This helped to prove my soldering was up to scratch, and that the board and the ESP8266 was working (and my 8mm diffused Neopixels – which have been sat in a draw since I bought them from Adafruit a while ago!!)

Enjoy the video, let me know what you think of the products, the soldering, and the project. Links to everything can be found below.

Digispark Attiny85 Micro Arduino 5V Development Board (UK Seller):

ESP8266 12F WiFi Board:

ESP8266 SMD Adapter Board for ESP-07 – ESP-12F:

CheerLights IOT:

Basic ESP8266 CheerLight script:

Rosin Flux Pen:
AliExpress –

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